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Hot Glass

For over a thousand years, people have been fascinated with glass.  When the combination of  silica or silicon dioxide, SiO2 is just right and it's heated to a VERY high temperature, it becomes Glass or quartz. Glass has been used to coat clay, create household products, make beads and fascinate people.  Become fascinated in our studios and be a part of science, art and history!   Wanna Try??

Glass Rods

Studio Workshops

At Nebula Crafts, we have 4 surface mix  torches available for use. If you've taken an intro class and would like to continue on your own, there's plenty of things you can do here at our Studio.   Instructors are on hand to oversee your work and answer questions.  We have Beginner,  Not a Beginner and Advanced workshops.  Advanced is at your own pace.   ****disclaimer - we are NOT responsible for the addiction that you may aquire while working with hot glass******

Steampunk themed necklace

Crafts for All Ages

There are so many crafty things that you can do here at NebulaCrafts - Incorporate your new beads into a custom piece of jewelry.  We also offer children's beading classes.                   WIRE.  Did someone say wire?  Look at our website further to see all the really awesome kit-classes you can take to explore your crafty side!

About Us


Nebula Crafts is the ONLY Hot Glass Studio in Rockland County.

Make it yourself

You can design and create your own piece of unique glass art.  Beads, jewelry, housewares!


Glass is beautiful. Make it.  Use it.  Wear it.  ENJOY IT!

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We are located in Building 24; Second Floor -  take the ramp (left side) and elevator up to 2.  Turn left. We're about halfway down. STUDIO N  

Nebula Crafts

55 West Railroad Avenue, Garnerville, NY 1092

(845) 875-9575



By Appointment


By Appointment


10:00 am – 2:00 pm


10:00 am – 2:00 pm


By Appointment


By Appointment


By Appointment

USPS:  PO Box 458 Valley Cottage, NY 10990